Friday, August 10, 2018

Living for the Moments ...

Vastu or Fengsui an Interesting topic to me . To some extent a believe is there . A scientific architecture of well being for better living ! A lovely watch on this topic ! We people live together , stay together but is there inner-peace to us ! And more specifically our peace is defined by what ! Is it all depending on our environment or on our thoughts ! From some point of views this movie approaches to this idea . Well it may differ from person to person !

Now come to the point , First of all I want to Thank to Maker of this film ! How Contented , Free-flowing ,Gripping storytelling it was ! Graceful in style ! Loved it Enormously !
"Aamar to Galpo-o Bola Kaaj" ......... actually not ! Only I can say A sweet-melancholic, hilly-melodious story which leaves an optimism at the end ! Only thing is about More or Less ! Somehow felt all were satisfied at the end of the days! All of them found themselves !An collaboration of flashback with present were interpreted here so nicely ... it never detaches us from the storyline itself ! So feel was intact through out the movie ! Few small pieces of human behaviors were depicted here so Carefully ! Salute for those Moments ! Agreeing situation reveals our morality as a human being ! Simultaneous occurrence of situations along with right placements/replacements of Vastu elements  signifies the New Beginning ! Its Philosophical !

Henceforth taking consideration about scripting . Absolutely appropriate to the story, the situations , the locations , the Characters ! It seems the scripting was prepared with the extreme cares ! Outfits were chosen perfectly ! Only one confusion about heroine' s attire during misery ............ why white color saree ! Cinematic point of view understood but logically did not get it ! Anyway a small point can be ignored for the interest of huge sense !

Hmm ... this paragraph is dedicating for the Classy Acting Quality ! The "Major" , this word sounds so powerful itself , suited Best on ... !Look wise Attentively correct ! Rudeness with Proud feel attitude was required for this Character and It was presented efficiently here ! Hats off !  Physically challenged - not an easy Job at all ... Always demands technically perfection ! Handled it Nicely throughout the movie , Not only walking, sitting or holding even get into the car and get down from the car also had a noticeable take ! Well Done ! Dialogue delivery maintaining sophistication  was another challenge , So it is also Appreciable ! Loved It !

Others also did there Job Superlatively ! Appreciate ! All were Justified there characters marvelously ! Good Team work !

Last but not the least Wonderful views , locations, atmospheres will steal heart thoroughly ! Melodious tunes with expressive lyrics touch the heart to the core ! Very Impressive !

This is what I call A Feel without being there , A Touch without touching one !

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