Friday, April 1, 2016

Ten Thoughts Of Chanakya | Chanakya Neeti

Philosophy one of my most favorite subject of Interest. So if you ask me a name of favorite philosopher over here. I should share such name who was the greatest philosopher cum teacher of ancient India! I think you can guess the name too because in ancient India when Takhashila University was there , He was a famous teacher of this University. And He is none other than Acharya Vishnupada Chanakya .

Chanakya : A Great Philosopher
It is said that Chanakya was the pioneer of ancient political science as well as economics of India. He played an important role to establishment of the Maurya Empire . He was familiar with the name of Koutilya also.

With respect to behavior He was very much sentimental and loyal ... his appearance was not so attractive but with respect to intelligence He was sharp and acute too! In my explanation He was the incarnation of India !

Here is some quotations of Chanakya which are very remarkable with our modern lifestyle. Hope if we follow those loyal quotations it will help us a lot to become steady and forward .

Ten Valuable Chanakya Neeti :
  1. A divinity can give us Happiness!
  2. If you have control in your organism then only you can earn all wealth in life!
  3. Those people are giving support in good or bad times , truly helpful!
  4. A greatest duty of a father is to provide quality education to his son!
  5. Those who has adequate wealth ... he belongs to many friends , brothers and relatives !
  6. Food , Water and Air are the most precious things in the world !
  7. Gold has no perfume, Sugarcane is not a fruit and sandal does not belong flower ! Wise man can not become rich and a richer cannot be immortal !
  8. Friendship can get stability among the same class of people !
  9. A fault is more than enough to destroy many qualities !
  10. Who is honest , owns everything !

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  1. its a good write up about Chanakya. thanks for posting it.