Friday, April 8, 2016

Some Auspicious Tips for your House | How to arrange Puja Place?

It is an eternal truth that we all want to get good fortune as well as pleasure for our family members. It is believed that if your house belongs to positive energy then you will be lucky enough to get success in your life too. So keeping faith on our God and trying some useful Worship rituals for our house are considered auspicious to us , as a result you will get some positive energy to live your live happily ! Though these are not actually very new ! All of these are very common to us but as we are very busy with our lifestyle we forgot our culture , we forgot our puja rituals ! Now we are surviving only not enjoying our lives ! 
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Trust me if I think about ancient India, I feel so proud ! Feeling so happy to think that our Indian Cultures are so Rich in the world as we all know that nowadays practicing Yoga , chanting Mantra and worshiping God these all have been speculated to date back to pre-vedic Indian tradition and  now those are followed by the Western world ! And it is considered host of this success is Swami Vivekananda who was one of the greatest philosopher and monk of India. 

Here is some auspicious rituals of Hindu religion which can bring Happiness in your life so keep maintain these as much as possible ! very simple but very auspicious by Hindu mythology !

Vastu and Sanskara for Puja : 
  1. Puja room or puja place should be in North-East direction , because this corner is considered as Ishan kone which is very auspicious .
  2. Do not keep two Shiva linga at the same place in the house.
  3. Keep little rice grain (atop/raw) under lightened puja lamp . 
  4. Do not put shiva linga, sankh (conch bell), shaligram shila on the floor directly.
  5. Avoid those photos in which trunk of lord Ganesha directing Sri Lakshmi . It decreases prosperity.
  6. Place Sri lakshmi idol on the red cloth.
  7. Place Lord Ganesha idol on the white cloth.
  8. Do not place Tulshi leaves and Camphor (korpur) on the floor directly because both are favorite for Sri Narayana .
  9. Perform puja by facing East direction during morning and North direction during evening. It is said in the morning sun rises in the East, Sun is our God and worship Sun in the morning only. And in the evening Himalaya gives us bliss air so we should worship Himalaya too. 
  10. Keep Holy water like Ganga water in the north-east corner of the puja room.

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