Saturday, April 16, 2016

Historical Rama - An enlightened research from Art Of living

Art of Living a well being spiritual organisation Of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar . Just one week back I visited Art of Living International Center which is located in Bangalore at kanakpura road. After reaching over there I was just overwhelmed to see the surrounding of Ashram ! A feel good image is still in my mind . Its so calm and peaceful ashram in the modern era. I was feeling blessed when I have seen Vishalakshi Temple which is architected in the symbol of 1008 lotus petals. And a remarkable interior of the temple will make you fly in the heaven ! I felt some sacred calmness by sitting over there for sometimes ! Though I do not have so much knowledge about Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, I was very much eager to know about Him.

So from there I bought a book named "The Spirit Blows Where It Wills " written by Rev. Senior. M. Concelia. Mariampillai . and one DVD of Historical Rama edited by D.K.Hari and D.K. Hema Hari . After going through the book I came to know about His spiritual activities in which Sudarshan Kriya is most powerful Rhythemic breathing to enrich your life. But I am here today to share my experienced about the DVD.

At first I must confess that it is not any theory of copy of DVD. I believe it is my one of the honest interpretation or review about Historical Rama .

  • Yes we all know about Ramayana , our most illustrious Hindu epic. We know about Rama who was a noblest and righteous king of Ayodhya . Because it is said Ramayana was scripted before He took birth . But still we have so much confusions that either Rama was there or was He actually born in the ancient age ? If yes ! Then what is the actual birth date and place of Ramachandra ? Is it correct date of birth which we celebrate as Ram Navami ? Are all the scripted stories of Ramayana real ? To get these answers of questions you must watch This valuable DVD from Art of Living. 

  • From Valmiki's Ramayana we come to know that Rama constructed a bridge with the help of million and millions of Vanara (monkeys) sena. On the based of this scripture you will come to know about one interesting topic about Ramayana i.e. a scientific explanation about Rama bridge which was built up for that period between India and Srilanka. Because NASA has found all scientific reason in which it is said The Rama Setu (Nala setu)was made by man only. In this DVD you will get these all archaeological researched explanations along with photos and video. 

  • If I inquire about visualization or multimedia effects of the DVD, more than enough it is a collection of informative graph, chart, animation and infotainment of ancient scripture. In a few words it is a documentary film of Ramayana. 
  • It has many version of languages like English, Tamil , Kannada and many more . I have bought Hindi version and it costs Rs.89/- only.

To get this DVD : visit 

Ashram address  : Art Of Living International Center
Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth,
21st km. kanakpura Road, Udayapura,
Bangalore , Karnataka 560 082, India

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