Thursday, March 31, 2016

Our Homely Hindu Ethics

We are living in  such world where Science is using everywhere ! We are using science to satisfy our desire like to live comfortably . Because man always wants to decrease laborious work by using machine itself. But there is a limitation of materialistic science .In the way of this we are loosing our happiness and peace from life too. On the contrary in the ancient age several monks and saints had written such sacred scriptures , is called Shastra which can be utilize for so many good reasons too!

Our Homely Hindu Ethics : Me & More...

Nowadays man forgets their origin and very much aggressive to accept so called modern science which is almost based on the ancient science or Shastra . I believe nothing has been changed rather it is being changed ourselves only ! So keep in mind this origin here I want to share with some astrological cum cultural facts over here. Can you tell me this if we maintain worship our God , it is wrong ? Or if we think good to each other then it will very hectic to us? I think the answer should be 'No' always. Then why we are not thinking like wise ! 

From this view point today I want to share some Hindu puritan ethics which you helps to get some peace in your mind . Swami Vivekananda used to say - do not need to follow so much ethics otherwise you cannot think enough about God, but to some certain extent if you follow some ethics then it will give you a disciplined life at all ! 

So here is some Hindu Ethics what I have been seeing from my childhood :

  1. Take a bath in early morning . It will purify your body as well as it will give you a positive energy .
  2. Daily worship God at your house . It increases your mind power by which you will get positive self confidence.
  3. Keep yourself  neat and clean. It is a source of positive energy.
  4. Do not hesitate to do a single job . If you are not confident about the job then do not go for this otherwise you will not be successful .
  5. Do not swing your legs while eating.
  6. Do not criticize about Food. If you are not liking it.
  7. Whoever are very poor, feed them as per your affordability. In return you will be blessed by God.
  8. Do not refuse any beggar , give something at par your capabilities .
  9. Do not wear any torn clothes , it is not good for your family.
  10. Do not give a share of rice on Thursday it will not a good ritual as per Hindu ethics.
  11. As per Hindu ritual it is good to pray or doing aarti at evening in your House.
  12. If possible blow sankh  at evening it seems a good peaceful ritual at home.

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