Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Lord Ganesha - The Hindu Deity

Om Ganeshaya Namah

In Hindu religion there are so many deities are worshipped . All though they are very much different from one god to other goddess. From the ancient age we Hindu are devotee and cultural by nature . We love to worship, we love to pray and of course we love to do all good things for our wish fulfill.

Somehow we all know that Lord Ganesha is our one of the most worshipped deity in Hindu religion. He is worshipped at first of all Goddess too. In that way you can see the Ganesha statue in the front of every temple. There are lots of believes in Hindu devotees. Devotion to Lord Ganesha is widely familiar from wisdom to intellect. In Indian Mythology Lord Ganesha is called Siddhidata Ganesha. Here Siddhidata signifies Bestower of success and accomplishments. Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of  any kind of obstacles too. Out of India Lord Ganesha is considered the God Of Wisdom, Knowledge and New Beginnings.

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Lord Ganesha has its own iconography. His face is completely look like an Elephant face at all. With this iconography more mythological stories are there . But most familiar one is like this, what I am now going to share with you...

Going through the Myth when Mahadev and Parvati had gotten their most lovely grand child . Devi Parvati was so pleased and She invited all the Goddess from Swarg or Heaven to bless her grand child. By the time Shani dev (Planet Saturn) was also presented their. But He was reluctant to bless and see the Child as He knows very well that His (Shani Dev) drishti (sight) is not good for anyone. But Devi Parvati was very much aggressive to Shani Dev and whenever He gave his drishti to the head of the Child , the child's head was just fallen down. To see this upshot Parvati started to cried out for Her Son. That's why Mahadev Shiva dictated to Narada to cut the head of any animal whoever He saw the first. By the way Narada saw an Elephant and that the moment he cut his Head and bring it to Lord Shiva. Shiva attached elephant head on His Son's neck . From then only Lord Ganesha got His unique identity. But there was so many questions arose to see an elephant face to God. To remove this  fearfulness all Goddess blessed him and acknowledged Him Bestower of all work accomplishments (Sarba Karjyo Siddhidata Ganesha ).

Every year during Ganesh Chaturthi He is worshipped in most of the houses in India. Again in Bengali New Year (Poila Baisakh)He is revered to each shop and for this reason shopkeeper is opening their New Business Notebook (Haal Khata) ,even distribute sweets to their customers also.

Chant this Mantra daily You will be succeed  for all works :

Devendra Mouli Mandar Makaranda Konaruna,
Bighnang Harantu Herembo Charanambujo Renebo.

Chant 21 times while going to execute any major work :

Om Gang Ganapataye Namah

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