Friday, August 10, 2018

Living for the Moments ...

Vastu or Fengsui an Interesting topic to me . To some extent a believe is there . A scientific architecture of well being for better living ! A lovely watch on this topic ! We people live together , stay together but is there inner-peace to us ! And more specifically our peace is defined by what ! Is it all depending on our environment or on our thoughts ! From some point of views this movie approaches to this idea . Well it may differ from person to person !

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Never Say Good Bye - Say, Coming Shortly !

An unique presentation of our Bengali Iconic Character ! In any way the Title of the movie would have to beg an appeal from audiences ! When He is aged , an octogenarian - how pathetic to assume it ! To me He is Evergreen ! Anyways by the law of nature assuming still couldn't agree more to see Him mournful ! Accept it - patting on my head as It is simply a story only! Now come to the point, He is passionate about gardening , passionate about pottery ! Not a bad idea ! Loved the extensive thought behind the story but only thing It is not Cheerful to describe about ! 

Monday, July 23, 2018

A Story about Story ...

What should I write !!! Don't know !!! Basically I can say not at par ! According to my opinion the beginning and the ending define the mark of a story ! In between the weaving of the story helps to grip the audiences entirely ! It is said that a story about relationships whether it is negative or positive ! We accept it if it entertains us as it is a part of a recreations after all ! Some story we would like but some won't , that is the difference ...

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A Journey of Immortality : Find It out ...

In 1998 I had just finished my secondary examination . After finishing exam we had just shifted to our newly built home where my childhood began . I was very Happy as all of our cousins will be in the same house one more time . At the same time we were very sad for that we have to leave our apartment as well as we had lots of memories there too with some friends, they also felt very sad . Anyways , it has to be accepted ! I came back to my Own Place , Old wine in a new bottle it was ! We cousins started again something something with full of excitements .

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Direct Mind Consciously !

Mind is an unseen Truth ! Which exists but not visible ! In reality we are controlling everything as par our requirements here is so Mind is also controllable by us ! So finding Truth so far , I believe - We See , what We want to See ! Means we can direct our mind according to our own perceptions !

Saturday, June 30, 2018

An Unwritten Documentation - Awaiting !

Saturday Night , ended with lots of works and thoughts ! Already too late It is ! Still here to finish one unfinished attachment ! Something Good is waiting here ...

Thursday, June 28, 2018

A Cryptography - Believe It !

It was 1996 .I was extremely Novice about CT , rather it would be better to say I was just keen about FT .

I was just Mad about FT as I had seen my elder brothers used to take FT seriously but at the same time they were very much fond about CT also. I don’t know why but somehow loved the madness about club FT .

More and more it takes less time to end up  which attracted most by that time. However I was Novice, I did not know anything till then ! Not even acquainted with the news at all !

In the same year WC was held at my favourite place, it shook me somehow and I had shown some Interest  to watch M. Remembering it was a terrible incident for me as next day I had my annual exam for std. 8 and i.e. too geography. Without studying ,watched the M but we lost ! So immaturity ! After losing M , I felt guilty about that, why I did not study , why I wasted time, I felt